...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Monday, October 12, 2015

My smallest son gets baptized

This past weekend was incredible!!

My sweet, little, sprite of a son made the decision to be baptized and I could not have been more pleased.  I have heard people say that eight years old is too young for people to make such a big decision about their future, but that is not how I see things at all.

At eight years old, I see in my children the maturity to begin to make many of their own choices and their desire to begin to become their own person.  I also see the ability to deftly understand right from wrong in almost all situations.  And those choices highlight for me their need for the guidance of the Holy Ghost as a friend and a companion.  They are beginning to make decisions independent of their parents and that sweet, gentle, righteous influence is a precious, treasured gift in their lives.

I want my sweethearts to feel the love and guidance of their Father in Heaven and baptism swings the door for that opportunity wide open.

So, on Saturday, we gathered at our local stake center with friends and family (thank you for those who came to support our little boy) and watched as our small son nearly jumped out of his skin with excitement.  He was bopping along, bursting with happy anticipation saying over and over, "I'm jumpin' in my jump suit!  I'm jumpin' in my jump suit!"  His exuberance made my heart sing and my eye leak a little bit.

After prayers and talks by Logan's cousins -- all close to his age; they were amazing -- I got to watch as my son and my husband entered the water of a baptismal font and my baby boy made covenants with God.  My littlest man smiled incessantly as he was immersed in water to symbolize his commitment and then (after a quick change of clothes) had the hands of his uncles, grandpas, father and friends placed on his head and through priesthood authority was given the gift of the Holy Ghost.  
It was an unspeakably incredible day.

I was reminded of my own baptism lots and lots of years ago and reminded that I have never regretted the decision I made that day.  I am so pleased to see my children choose to begin a journey down that same path.  I know the strength and peace and hope that come with linking our lives to God through covenants.  I pray that they will find joy in the gospel of Jesus Christ as I have all these years.  It has been an anchor to me through anything and everything else that life can send my way.

I love these boys and am so proud of both of them.  They bring such joy to me and I am thankful every single day that my Heavenly Father saw fit to allow them to be part of my life.

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