...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The fun of small people

 At our house, every day is an adventure.  I imagine that is true of anyone that has kids trotting around their abode. 

We have had adventures galore lately (some of them not stemming from the kids, but many that have). 

On Monday our computer would not turn on.  It wouldn't respond at all to anything.  This sad little light on the back blinked at me but that was it.  My dad came to check things out and we discovered that the motherboard was dead.  We needed a new computer (of course, that one was five plus years old so I guess it was time).  But this was not how we wanted to be spending our savings (broken van, remember).

Still, we trundled to the store and came home with a happy, simple little Dell and after a gigantic three set-up day headache it seems to be finally working well (FYI McAfee may or may not throw up a firewall that blocks web browsing...at least according to customer support...it has been a nightmare).

Anyway, the point is that we got a new computer, and as our sad old CPU waited for attention from me, Logan moved in.  He decided the old computer made a fabulous castle for his action figures.  He has played with his new "castle" for two days straight.  He has trap doors and magic ropes and bombs and all kinds of things inside.  He loves it.  What a creative little sprite.
The evening we brought home our new technological family member, we gave the kids baths (as always).  As I pulled Ellie out of the tub I wrapped her in a towel and sent her into the living room while I drained the water and got her brother a towel too.   I came back into the living room to find her standing with her little legs spread while she peed on the floor (what is it with this girl and pee lately!!).  It has been a long day.  I stood there in crumpled silence for a moment before I headed to clean it up.
But little Ellie beat me to it.  As soon as she finished watering the carpet she grabbed her towel, bent down and started wiping up the mess.  I just had to laugh.  We worked on the cleaning (and disinfecting) together.  That little pixie always seems to be able to remind me to smile instead of scowling.  I guess there is a reason God sent her to me (or lot of reasons -- I am awfully grateful He did).

We are hoping for a little bit less adventure in the coming week.  With the van in tatters, the expense of a new computer and a now broken lawnmower (don't get me started...broken pull strings and shattered springs that may not be made anymore...goodness gracious) I am really hoping for a week of just the normal chaos instead of the inflamed version we've had this week. My dad says home disasters come in threes so we should be good for a while. We'll see how it goes.  I'll be crossing my fingers.

If nothing else, I know no matter what I will be well entertained.  That is just the way of life at our house...and I wouldn't change it.

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Henich Family said...

You gotta get a push mower. Torrey loves ours. It does just as good and you don't have to put oil or gas in it. :)

As for they come in 3's yes they do. Hang in there. I believe it was your parents that once told me....something like this anyway.
If you ever have extra money stored away never talk about it at your house or in your car. Take a walk and then spill the beans. Or else something will always go wrong.

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