...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh my GROSS!!

(Warning: The following true story may cause dry heaving.  Proceed with caution.)

It had been a rough afternoon and Josh and I were sitting in our room discussing the day.  Our bedroom sits right next to the family bathroom. 

We started to hear little clinking and dripping noises coming from the bathroom meaning that someone had forgotten to shut the door tight and our 18 month old daughter was in there playing around.

Josh sauntered in to chase her out, only to screech for me to come in and help.  I found Josh holding Ellie's hands away from her.  They were soaking wet.  He had a now empty cup in his hands and Ellie's face was dripping.  She had been dipping her cup in the toilet and drinking the water.

The seat was up and the toilet glowed a sickening yellow.  Not only had someone forgotten to close the door, they had forgotten to flush the toilet as well.

That's right, my little girl was drinking pee water!!!!

I went to work trying to kill every possible germ on every possible surface I could think of.  How do sanitize the inside of a babies mouth?  We scrubbed her skin and changed her clothes...but ewwwww. 

A little while later Ellie approached me wanted to give me kisses.  All I could think was "Pee water!  Pee water!  Pee water!"

But I must be a real mom at heart because I kissed her little lips anyway.  Then I brushed my teeth.


Daley Family said...

LOL!!! I won't go into any details, but last week we had to fish some poop out of Jakes mouth. BLECH!!

Jen Pearson said...

Oh, the moments in the life of a parent. My 20mo old daughter was drinking out of the toilet 2 weeks ago, at least it wasn't yellow at the time. YUCK!

Brian Whitmer said...

I will confess, this made me shudder :-).

Good post.

Tyler and Lyndsay said...

HA HA hA HA HA HA!!!! THat is hilarious. Oh my heck.. NEVER a dull moment in your home. Cute little Ellie..or should I say pee mouth?!?

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