...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Vegas: Round II

Ok, so now that the laundry is mostly done and the house is sort of cleaned up, lets finish the fun of our Vegas Vacation.
Museum of Natural History:

We explored the animal room and everyone was most impressed with the polar bear (he's the tall fuzzy one in the back).

Kneel like an Egyptian...this was a great interactive exhibit, the kids loved it.

Josh feeding Logan to a pre-historic alligator (or crocodile, I don't know the difference really).


Fun On the Strip:

We really didn't spend much time on the Las Vegas strip. We ventured there twice and that was really enough for us. Despite the cool things to see there is just too much smut and filth everywhere you look and especially with little kids it just didn't feel great being there. Besides every time we turned around Gavin was commenting on how all these gamblers littered so much and looked at too many naked ladies (at the top of his lungs, I swear...his mother was totally red in the face, who raised that kid anyway...we have taught him that in our family we don't choose to gamble, but we NEVER taught him that people who gamble are automatically litterers, he made that up on his own.  Sorry to anyone we may have offended).

While on the strip Josh even watched a camera crew following a policeman filming for the show "Cops,"  maybe we'll end up on the show and become famous...maybe not.

The fountain show at the Bellagio.  It is really cool and was not even a mile from our condo so it was an easy walk.

M&M world was four floors of M&M stuff and a movie that the kids loved (except Ellie who screamed until I took her out). 

Red Rock Canyon:
 My very favorite thing we did on the trip was to visit the nearby Red Rock Canyon. I LOOOOOVE hiking and climbing and nature and all that good stuff so this was right up my alley. I cannot recommend this place highly enough.

Gav and Aubs walking the little trail leading to the red rocks.  Gavin kept falling, I dont' know why.  Every couple of steps he tripped on nothing and fell over so Aubrey was trying to help keep him upright.

This is why I don't usually let Josh be in charge of the camera.

Triumphant little climbers.

See that stressed look on Josh's face...that is how he felt the whole time here.  While we both grew up camping and hiking, he didn't do much wild free scrambling up rocks (and he's afraid of heights) so he was worried one of the kids would fall to their death in the sandstone canyons.  He was pretty bothered that I was so laid back about it all, it is usually my job to worry excessively. 

So, while Josh worried, the kids and I scampered up every rock face we could find.  We didn't get pictures of the heights or the view, but it was awesome.  I could have spent days here.

Ethel M. Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden:
Another favorite was the chocolate factory and cactus garden. The botanical garden was awesome. Even the kids liked looking at all the different plants and chasing after the poor innocent lizards.

Why doesn't PJ look happier, it is a chocolate factory after all.

Logan made weird faces in every picture this day.  That kid!

PJ, still grumpy, refused to be in pictures, so I helped him out.  I didn't throw him in the cactus (which is what felt like doing with the grump).  I'm pretty sure that makes me a hero.

Lied Children's Museum:

By far the kids favorite part of the trip was the children's museum. There are a lot to see and do, we spent several hours here and they still whined when it was time to go.

Aubrey running her grocery story.
Josh and Ellie blowing giant bubbles.

A more cooperative PJ doing car repairs.

Finishing Up:

The rest of the time was spent at the resort swimming, watching tv, playing wii and just having fun as a family.  This really was a great trip. 

Ellie and the giant chess set at the resort.  Josh and Bryce had a lot of fun playing with this, and Bryce beat his dad for the first time.

Josh and Ellie at the pool.  Ellie screamed if we put much more than her feet in the water...spoiled little thing!  She and I hung out on the edge of the pool a lot.

Six little DeMouxs having a fabulous family vacation!
If you are headed to Las Vegas and are looking for fun family things to do check out my favorite site with great Vegas attractions for kids here.  If you are headed somewhere else and looking for family adventures just search google for "fun things to do in Boise or Salt Lake or wherever."  You will find some great ideas.

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Manda Jane Clawson said...

So glad to see my husband isn't the only one who has to take bum pictures of his wife :) I'm so glad you guys had such a great time! Makes me wanna go back to vegas!

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