...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas goes to the birds...and a little laugh

This morning while the two youngest boys were eating breakfast I stripped all the bedding off their beds.  I found some wet underwear and pajama bottoms in the bathroom this morning and I think G may have had an accident in the night (that hasn't happened in forever, but no big deal).  Since I haven't washed their bedding in a little bit I just decided to do both boy's sets.

When the boys came downstairs to clean their room Logan was mad.  "Mom, I didn't pee my bed, why did you take off my blankets?" (Logan has a very small bladder and does still have issues through the night so nighttime accidents and sheet washing are a pretty regular occurrence for him.)

Gavin piped in, "No, Logan, you didn't pee your bed...I did."

Now Logan was REALLY disgusted, "What!  You peed on my bed?  Gavin WHY DID YOU DO THAT!"  I don't think that is quite what Gavin meant, but it made me laugh.  Silly kids. 


Also, yesterday after school we did a fun project.  I bought the supplies for this in the summer, but we never got around to it until now and probably the birds will be more grateful since it is cold and food is scarce this time of year.

We made peanut butter covered pine cone bird feeder things (no, that's not the official name...I have no idea what to call these).

We gathered a bunch of pine cones at our local elementary school (since we didn't have an obliging pine tree anywhere near our house).  Then I gave the kids small bowls of peanut butter and plastic knives and they set to work filling every crevice of their pine cones with peanut butter.  This was a pretty messy process, but it was plenty of finger lickin' fun.
Once our pine cones were properly coated, we rolled them in bird seed and tied ribbons on them.  Waiting until this point to tie on ribbons was a BAD plan.  With greasy peanut butter fingers ribbon tying is not as easy as it ought to be.  I STRONGLY suggest tying ribbons on before you peanut butter anything if you ever try this. 

Finally, we installed our new feeders in our front yard tree and now we will wait to see if the birds actually dine with us or if they snub our holiday offering.  Should be fun!

Holiday fun for our fowl little friends.  What a great season.

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