...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in a Nutshell (hopefully a pistachio one because those are my favorite)

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas this past weekend.  What a great time to celebrate and be together as a family.  I feel so very blessed to know kind people who make our lives so much sweeter in big and small ways; thanks to all of you for making our Christmas holiday memorable and bright.  I could not be more grateful for all those who share their love and light and help us feel the Savior's spirit.  We want to be more like Him because of your example.  Our family has been richly blessed this season and we love you all!
We had such an incredible holiday that I could hardly wait to post about some of our fun.  Holidays with kids are THE BEST!!!  Thanks to my little ones for completely restoring all the magic of Christmas and then some. 
Kidlets spreading magical reindeer feed (oatmeal mixed with sparkles) on the back lawn to attract Santa's reindeer.

The exciting conclusion of our scripture reading and nativity on Christmas Eve (don't you love Logan's gifts of candy and cookies).   We know that when it comes time to open presents it is REALLY hard to maintain any kind of focus on the Savior so we try to spend Christmas Eve night remembering whose birth and life and sacrifice we are celebrating. 

As we finished our nativity and scripture reading and hymn singing, Gavin just
couldn't leave our baby Jesus alone on the table so he cuddled him for the rest of the
evening.  Love moments like that. 

DeMoux sprites in their new Christmas Eve pajamas.  They usually whine that it is no fun to open just pajamas so we
thought about giving Jimmy Kimmel rotten gifts to our kids, but I just couldn't do it...and for the first time in a few years
they were all THRILLED to get new pj's.  It was really fun. 

Our Christmas morning was enchanting (to me).  The kids were all thrilled with their Santa Surprises.  We waited on present opening until after 9:00 am church.  I LOOOOVE it when Christmas is on a Sunday and part of our day includes taking the sacrament and worshiping the Lord with neighbors and friends who we adore. 

Toward the end of sacrament meeting our bishop got up to speak and asked by raise of hand how many people still had presents to open at home.  Lots of hands shot up.  He then said that was nice and that maybe we should let the meeting go for another hour or so.  As loud chorus of "NOOOOOOO" sprang out of the mouth of every child (I think ours may have been the loudest).  We couldn't help but laugh, all of us.  It is great to have such a family feeling in your ward.

I could not be more grateful for this past weekend.  I just keep saying I feel so blessed, because I really do.  Like many families, we are not rich.  But as we shopped this past year it seemed like every trip to DI (a local second hand store) or every stop at a yard sale netted just the right thing for one of our children.  Secret Santas stopped by our house helping us fill our fridge with beautiful food and just plain love...and the real live Santa showed up and brought twinkling joy along with him to our kids and some neighbors who happened to drop by. 

I say I feel blessed, because I am.  I have the kind of life that I never imagined was possible.  I have an amazing family, a much bigger one than I ever thought, but I couldn't be more glad for that.  I am grateful for my Savior who lived and died for me and who helps me through the hard times, and smiles down on me during the beautiful times.  There is just so much to be thankful for.  Hope your Christmas was just as magical and your new years will be too. 

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